Create an income on holidays

We are nearly halfway through the year! Crazy right?! Surely it's about time to start planning an amazing Christmas getaway? What if we told you that you could take off on that trip to enjoy some R&R without spending a cent?

Pay for your holiday by doing nothing!

We are nearly halfway through the year! Crazy right?! Surely it’s about time to start planning an amazing Christmas getaway? What if we told you that you could take off on that trip to enjoy some R&R without spending a cent?

You’d say we were mad – it’s not possible! But it really can be done. You can enjoy a much-needed getaway, and return with more money than when you left. And the best part? It really doesn’t require you to do much at all!

You see, you are not the only one itching to take to the roads or the skies and indulge in a bit of leisure time. In fact, right now, hoards of people are searching for houses on the NSW north coast to stay in over the Christmas period. Houses just like yours.

Whether it’s to visit family and friends over the festive season, or just enjoy the beautiful beaches and hinterland we all take for granted, homes of all types are in demand – larger houses that accommodate extended family like grandma and grandpa, right down to studio units for romantic or adventure getaways.

And while you are hundreds of kilometres away basking in holiday heaven, your house is sitting empty in one of Australia’s most sought-after holiday destinations.

Opening your home to ‘holiday hosting’ provides an excellent opportunity for others to snap up their dream holiday, while also providing an excellent opportunity for you to create extra income, or pay for your own holiday.

Your house is empty anyway – so why not open it up for others to stay in during this most special time of year? So many of your neighbours have been using this technique for years to create a passive income that affords them that little bit of extra cash when they need it.

Why don’t you join them? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Benefits of ‘holiday hosting’ your property

  • Make money during what is typically a difficult time financially.
  • The money can pay for your own holiday, or if you stay with family or friends, you will make a tidy profit!
  • Your house is not left empty for weeks while you are away. This is great for security.
  • Provides an incentive to give your house a good spring clean!
  • Demand for tourism accommodation is always strong in this area, meaning you will achieve a good price.
  • Traditional accommodation is often full over the peak season. Opening your house allows more visitors to the area, which supports our local businesses and keeps our economy afloat.

Why is uHoliday different?

The secret to a successful ‘holiday hosting’ experience lies in your choice of holiday host – that is, the person or company in charge of leasing out your most valuable asset.

  • uHoliday is a Casuarina-based ‘holiday hosting’ company, run by long-time locals Daniel and Aimee. The husband and wife team have an extensive background in accommodation management, real estate and marketing, allowing them to offer an outstanding service to holiday-makers, and professional, hassle-free service for property owners.
  • Our commission is one of the lowest in the market at 13% plus GST (for full-time properties) and 15% plus GST (for one-off/part-time properties), and there are no listing fees or marketing fees on top of that. That’s right – we don’t charge to list you on Airbnb or similar platforms. We create the listings for free and the guests pay their commission.
  • We vet all bookings and strictly enforce rules to ensure your neighbours are not disrupted by your house guests.
  • As locals, we are always nearby to promptly deal with any complaints or other issues. This can be hard to manage if you are hosting the property yourself and are away on your own holiday.
  • Our cleaning and linen fees are personalised to each property – you won’t pay the same standard fee on a 1-bedroom unit that someone else pays on a 4-bedroom house.
  • As a local boutique company, we are able to personally inspect every single property on guest departure to ensure the space is kept at the same high standard you left it in.
  • We work with you to customise your holiday hosting strategy, and you can even log in to your private portal and see your upcoming bookings.

Contact us and let us help you start on your holiday hosting journey.



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